Saturday, 26 October 2013

Society and its standards

Even though I am not family kind of guy,I do love my parents. I talk with them on phone as I work at a place away from them. They usually ask me how's my health, am I taking care of it, is the work too hard?..etc similar lines. I always wondered why they don't ask questions like Are you enjoying your work?, any plans for change of work, are you happy..
Its not their fault. They have taken it as default.I am supposed to be happy as long as I work in stable job and earn decent living.

I have seen some cool parents, who are friends with their children. I have seen friends of their children appreciating them.
I have also heard about some cool parents who drinks with their son or daughter. That time I hear people saying "that's too much ,there should be limit for everything".  Who has defined limit for the things,society?.

Why people stick to the job they don't like?  Is it for money. Is money your ambition. Let me be frank with you,you are not after money, what you are after is stable have seen bits of happiness here and there while working on that job,or you have avoided unhappiness here and there while working on that fear you may loose that bits of happiness if you switch job. You fear you may have to take unhappiness more than previous job, even though you know subconsciously that there is possibility of higher happiness in new job.
In short ,your happiness bandwidth is less.
If you consider happiness bandwidth as a straight line, you can say the maximum happiness that you seek is at the right corner of straight line. The maximum unhappiness you may have to take in order to accomplish the maximum happiness you seeks ,falls at left corner of straight line.Neutral being at middle.
Many religion teach you to reduce your happiness bandwidth,zero being ideal bandwidth. Zero or being neutral is nirvana or moksha to them.

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