Thursday, 24 October 2013

my Quotes

" Nothing is compulsion in life. To live life itself is an option"

" When you free yourself from what you don't like doing,then only you will have clarity of what you like doing"

" I can't be what I am not ,and be happy  with it"

" If happiness comes out of no reason or cause, reexamine your virtues and values.Was it for bromide you lived so long?"

" If you live up to society's standard, you are normal. If you exceed it ,you are extraordinary. If you deviate from it,you are abnormal .:)"

" I have imagined worst possible future for myself. To my surprise ,it seemed cool. Since then I stopped worrying about future"

" In every waking moment of life you have two options, either to live it to fullest or die.
Anything in between is a compromise."

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