Thursday, 14 November 2013

My Poems

Life in itself

In the huge scheme of life I have nothing to fear
no insecurity to bear
all the humiliations that I may end up I am ready to bear
I am not fearful enough to continue the path I don't like
I am not insecured enough to
pursue the destiny I don't like
I will quit the same even if the  alternative doesn't exist
For me its not the destiny that matters
its the path that matters
Whether I like it or not
there it goes
Prestige being others opinion
 doesn't excite me
Power being one's own enemy doesn't provoke me
No man is an island  in himself they say
Every man is an end in himself I say
At the end of day it doesn't matter what I lived for
But it matters whether I lived or not
In the huge scheme of life I have only two options
 either to live to the fullest
or die
Anything in between is a compromise.

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